If you are experiencing the following difficulties please refer to these guidelines or contact John Gregory.

Q: Why doesn’t my vacuum pick up anything?
A: There are many possibilities, however the most common is a warn belt, an overfilled bag or a blocked filter.

Q: Why isn’t my vacuum picking up?
A: Worn belt 
Contact your nearest Hoover Factory Service Center or Authorized Warranty Dealer for assistance.
Stop in and see John Gregory’s Sweeper Central. Your Hoover Factory Service Center and Authorized Warranty Dealer for assistance. 

Q: Why is my vacuum creating a burning smell?
A: Most common cause is a worn agitator belt that should be replaced immediately.

Q: How do I change my belt?
A: Refer to the cleaner’s owner manual.

Q: Why do I have to use the manufacturer’s recommended products with my machine?
A: Only genuine manufacturer’s replacement products, parts, and solutions should be used because they are formulated specifically for that unit in order to ensure it’s peak performance and longevity. Failure to do so will always result in product failure.

Q: My carpet seems to be getting fuzzy; especially in traffic areas. Is my vacuum cleaner causing this?
A; No, fuzzing is the hairy effect on the carpet surface caused by wild fibers or slack yarn twist, or by fibers slipping out when walked on. There is a natural tendency for the fiber ends to separate a bit and loosen excess yarn.

Q: What is the best way to clean carpeted stairs?
A: Steps with carpet should be cared for regularly. The upholstery nozzle, a brush attachment or a hand-held vacuum with a rotating brush will work best for cleaning and raising the carpet pile.

Q: How many strokes with my vacuum cleaner are necessary?
A: Heavy traffic areas should be vacuumed daily, with seven strokes for thorough cleaning. Areas receiving little traffic can be vacuumed once a week or every three or four days, with three or four strokes for adequate maintenance.

Q: What height should the nozzle adjustment be set at?
A: Nozzle height settings correspond to carpet height with the lowest setting being best for use on low pile carpet and the highest setting best for plush carpet. Based on the type of carpet you are vacuuming, pick a setting which corresponds. If the cleaner is difficult to push with that setting, try the next highest setting. My cleaner will not pick up. NOTE: Always turn your cleaner off and disconnect it from the electrical outlet. First, check the belt to make sure it is not worn or broken and that the agitator moves freely. Also, check the bag to see if it is full. Besides these two possibilities, check the air stream for possible clogging. If you have recently installed new carpet it may shed fiber and lead to a clogged air stream or require the bag to be replaced more frequently. Objects may also become lodged obstructing the airflow. Over a period of time, the agitator may become worn. Contact your nearest Hoover Factory Service Center or Authorized Warranty Dealer for assistance.

Q: Why are my belts breaking after a short period of time?
A: We recommend that you raise the height adjustment to a higher setting and avoid picking up the corners of throw rugs.

If you have had the cleaner for a while, please remove the agitator brush. Hold the brush in your hands and rotate the end caps in opposite directions. This will allow you to check for hair/debris may have gotten inside the end caps. This can cause the bearings in the brush to not spin freely; thus, causing belt breakage.

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